Protifarm, a Dutch agri-tech company has created the world's first ingredient line made from insects for the food and beverage industry, named AdalbaPro.
AdalbaPro is made from the Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the buffalo beetle, a hardy insect with an exceptional nutritional value. With Whole Buffalo Powder (WBP), Fiber Powder (FP), Insect Protein Concentrate (IPC) and Fiber Textured Insect Protein (FTIP) Protifarm managed to create solutions where edible insects become normal. It is not only highly nourishing, but also far more sustainable than other sources of protein. Requiring dramatically less land, water and feed than other alternatives. A planet-friendly solution that can be used to enhance and develop food and beverages. Such as baking products, sports nutrition, pasta, meat and meat alternatives.