Create a green product range: baseline measurement and greening advice

Create a green product range: baseline measurement and <span>greening advice</span>

After Greenfoodfinder has screened your product range, against 8 key characteristics, you will receive a ‘baseline measurement’ indicating how green your products are from a scale of 0-100. In addition to your score, you will also receive advice on how to make further greening improvements to increase your overall score. This gives you the following benefits:

  • Insight into the 'green position' of your range with measurable numbers on 8 main categories, the so-called 'baseline measurement'.
  • Understand HOW you can make improvements with measurable results, including Nutri-Score.
  • Take positive steps towards creating a product line that has market demand and will contribute to increased sales.
  • By improving on these 8 categories, you contribute to 8 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • The measurable contribution to the SDGs can be used in your communication to customers. We can also help you with this by providing a section on greening for your annual report.
  • Saving staff costs through more efficient use of procurement and R&D
  • For most of you, your R&D costs for greening will be eligible for government subsidies and this will significantly reduce the payback period of your costs.
  • Access to (annual) Greening seminar organized by Greenfoodfinder

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