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Chemically Recycled eFAN casing

Supplier: Selo
This innovative approach integrates casings made with plastic polymers in the new circular economy model, by reducing the amount of fossil resources required in the manufacture of new products and also reducing the waste generated.
They are mono- or multilayer casings produced with a percentage of primary raw materials sourced from recycled material instead of fossil origin. The casings are not made from mechanically recycled plastics. Through an advanced method of chemical recycling, recovered post-consumer plastic is converted into virgin-grade polymers. A defi ned quantity of the polymers used are attributed to the recycled plastic input through the Mass Balance method, certified by ISCC*. With this, we are all contributing to shift plastic products from a fossil-based, linear economy, into a more sustainable, circular economy with increasing content of recycled materials
  • (1) Vegan/Vegetarian
  • (3) Sustainable agriculture
(1) Vegan/Vegetarian
(2) Organic
(3) Sustainable agriculture
(4) Sustainable aquaculture
(5) Reduce food waste
(6) Health & Nutrition


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