AlgaeHolland provides consumer solutions and customized solutions for large-scale applications in food production.

AlgaeHolland focuses on the added value of the algae, i.e. the bioavailability of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids. AlgaeHolland algae always have a broken cell wall or are of a type that is easily digestible due to a softer cell wall. This results in desirable properties such as protein enrichment, the enrichment and natural increase of (essential) proteins and the natural enrichment of various vitamins. The algae also contain fibers and minerals.

AlgaeHolland uses all natural algae, biological and sustainably cultured, with a very low environmental footprint and cultivated in secured closed systems. It is naturally cultured using hetero- and autotrophic methods with the highest European standards, non-GMO and when possible biological certified.

Our mission?

AlgaeHolland provides micro-algae as ingredient and customer solutions for food products. AlgaeHolland produces or co-produces on a cost-effective scale our own specific (saltwater)strains of algae (IP-secured) with proven innovative technology