“We are BeefyGreen, the fairest alternative to meat. 100% natural, 100% pure and a 100% quality product”.


There is a change going on in the world. More and more consumers want to eat healthier and, above all, more consciously. This change also includes a search for alternatives.

These global changes in people's eating habits are opening up a wide range of new opportunities for companies that want to bring tasty, quality products to the market with less or even no meat. BeefyGreen is there to help exactly those companies with the purest, fairest alternatives to meat.

Oyster mushrooms

BeefyGreen only works with the very best quality, hand selected oyster mushrooms. All products are checked and preserved. As a result, they are safe and immediately ready for use at the moment of receipt.

The natural structure of the oyster mushroom is fantastic in its base. As a result, we are able to create the same taste sensation as with meat for almost all (traditional) recipes and preparation methods with minimal processing.