Cyklop B.V.

Cyklop B.V. is a subsidiary of Cyklop International, a global manufacturer and supplier of packaging systems and materials.
With their products and expertise, they offer their customers the best solutions in the field of load securing during internal and external transport, with the focus on the safe and undamaged transport of products. They offer market-aligned solutions: handheld devices, machines and systems, matching consumables, professional advice, project engineering and a strong technical service.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is an important topic these days. Consumers and companies increasingly intend to live sustainably, leave as little waste as possible and make the world a little better. Cyklop would like to contribute to this by offering sustainable products. For example, we try to reduce packaging waste, encourage reuse and encourage ergonomic working. Switching to environmentally friendly working and packaging does not have to be difficult!

Working more sustainably can be done in various ways. For example, the packaging material can be adapted to a recyclable variant, more ergonomic working can contribute to less absenteeism and the automation of the packaging process can make a good contribution in the long term. Sustainability is different for every company.

Reduce plastic

As mentioned, sustainability is different for every company. Green Food Finder focuses in first instance on sustainability through the introduction of less packaging material – plastic reduction. Below you will find a few examples.