MPF Benelux and Multiflour have been partners in sales since 2019. Their combined knowledge of pure food ingredients and customer-oriented solutions are the reason they are the experts in Northwestern Europe.

The collaboration between Multiflour and MPF was a natural step to combine our product knowledge and offer our customers even more suitable solutions.

MPF Benelux's many years of experience with convenience ingredients such as coating solutions, binding agents, nutritionals and spicemixes are seamlessly complemented by the Multiflour range. Multiflour has extensive knowledge of the complete production chain of grains, legumes and vegetable proteins, this also makes us a valuable partner in the field of innovation and product development in the food industry.

Our mission?

We want to provide pure and sustainable ingredients that will make a healthy contribution to the diet of your customers.


Using the latest specialist technology, the SMART® PULSES PRO natural protein concentrates offer a protein content of up to 65%. Produced in an environmentally friendly, resource-conserving way, these ingredients pack a protein punch for many applications.
SMART® PULSES PRO are already widely used in the food industry – as components in meat substitute products as well as across the dairy and baking industries.

Looking for an extra protein kick? The SMART® PULSES PRO range supplies this and many other benefits:

  • High in protein
  • Vegan and Natural
  • Gluten-free at source
  • Sustainable and Environmentally friendly
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins
  • Low glycemic index for a long-lasting satiety