Dutch Seaweed Group

As Dutch Seaweed Group we stand for sustainable, healthy and local seaweed. As an innovative company, we develop and supply Royal Kombu and Wakame from our own farm in the Eastern Scheldt. Our goal is to bridge the gap from small-scale to large-scale seaweed cultivation.
By means of our own hatchery, farm and sea vegetable processing, the entire cultivation is transparent. For sales, we like to work with parties in the market who are looking for the beautiful applications of seaweed.


Sustainable solutions

Everyone is looking for sustainable solutions to improve the world. Dutch Seaweed Group contributes to this by putting the sustainable cultivation of seaweed into practice. This because seaweed does not need any agricultural land, fresh water or fertilizers. In addition, it is completely vegetable and contains healthy nutrients. In short, the more seaweed we grow, the more impact we make!

We can process our seaweeds in several ways. We can blanch, dry and freeze our seaweeds. Then we produce whole sheets, flakes and powder.